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Top 5 Anticipated Games for E3
by Steven Byrd and Craig Collins

With E3 starting on Monday, Steven and Craig got together to list the top 5 games they are interested in seeing at E3.

Craig Collins

With E3 right on the immediate horizon everyone is excited about a ton of new things being shown and new games that have yet to be announced. There is ton of information that will be coming out over the next week, but before we get into the E3 hype of system reveals and new game information I would like to share the games I’m excited to see and learn more about so here is my top five games of E3.


5. Deep Down

Simply put its made by capcom I saw an interesting video and I want to know more.

4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Simply put the Lego games are amazing, any and everyone seems to have fun with them and you integrate the Marvel universe and it should be a slam dunk. After playing other games like Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 I am really interested to see what characters Marvel has in the game that might be secret. In umvc3 Marvel unveiled widely unknown characters compared to their mainstream A-list, and thanks to the success of that game fans now know Nova , Dr.Strange and rocket raccoon and some of them will end up on the silver screen. Lets see if marvel gives some new noteworthy characters the Redshirt in lego.

3. Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex has been one of my favorite stealth action titles for the past few years along side the metal gear series, and while I don't normally care much for iOS titles eidos montreal normally comes through with some interesting games and since the drop off after the last Deus Ex game I'm excited  to see more from the franchise.

2. Deadpool

Normally I would not be very excited about a pretty basic Marvel action/adventure game being announced or released for that matter, but this game is the insane exception. Deadpool the game takes one of my favorite Marvel psychopaths and gives him his own game made by none other than High Moon studios, one of my favorite developers made famous by their recent work on the transformers cybertron games.  High Moon knows their stuff and they did amazing work with the transformers origin story, that and the fact that they are more than capable of making very solid titles has this game on my radar.

1. Batman Arkham Origins

With the success and high acclaim of the recent Batman Arkham City games and the Dark knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan the caped crusader seems to be more popular than ever. With memes all over the internet and an even bigger fan base it will be interesting to see what direction warner bros montreal takes the bat in his newest adventure, rewinding time to before the events of the first arkham game. All this along with the inclusion of deathstroke as a playable character has me very excited about this game.

Steven Byrd

Honorable Mentions

Watch Dogs, Metal Gear Solid 5, Elder Scrolls Online, and Witcher 3.

  1. NBA Live 14

    Though I can care less about basketball games, I'm still interested in seeing how EA is going to try and take down NBA 2K14. EA has lost a lot of credibility with 2 Live 2011 and the re branded Elite both being canceled. EA is going to have to make one incredible showing at E3 to even be considered a contender to NBA 2K14.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

    While nothing has been mentioned about Kingdom Hearts 3 in a long time it won't stop me from wishful thinking.

  1. Saints Row 4

    While most people are drooling over GTA V, I am drooling over Saints Row 4. While Saints Row started off as slightly more serious each game has gone more and more over the top. In Saints Row 4, which takes place several after Saints Row the Third, the Third Streets Saints leader is president of the United States. An alien invasion occurs and the president must use super powers to fight against the invasion.

  1. Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Though I just heard about this game yesterday Murdered has easily made it into my top 5. Though not much is known about this upcoming game the trailer was enough to peak my interest.

  1. UFC Undisputed 4

    It has been 16 months since THQ released UFC Undisputed 3 and a year since the UFC game rights were sold to EA. Since EA has acquired rights to UFC they have said next to nothing about the first UFC game under their banner. That was until the XBOX One press conference were the announce that upcoming sports titles, including UFC, will be using a new game engine. With that news combined with several UFC fighters changing weight classes makes UFC Undisputed 4 my top game I'd like to see at E3.

Thanks for joining us. Let us know what games you an anticipating for E3 in the comment section below.

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