The Issue With Part Time Workers

The issue with part time workers

InThe issue with part time workers certain aspects part time worker can have a lot of positive effects on the entertainment of the show. I also understand the business aspect of part time worker can help the industry. The issue with certain part time workers is at times they completely stall the full time worker’s momentum. We all know the Attitude Era was the greatest era of wrestling. In my opinion, this gets highlighted too significantly and puts a burden on the current roster. The WWE shows us that the former superstars are far more important than wrestlers today. Vince McMahon stated that “Wrestler today lack the ambition of wrestlers in the past”. Vince McMahon believe that this roster is inferior to past rosters. Every time we see a part time workers on television we are reminded that management feels this way. With the greatness of the attitude era, we are now subjected to 50 year old out of shape men beating full time 20 – 35 year old full time athletes. We are living in a world were nostalgia is more important than a quality the product.

A perfect example of part timer stalling a current wrestler’s momentum is Kane’s recent return. Kane destroyed Finn Balor on Raw, the day after Balor defeated the current WWE Champion. Finn Balor was fed to Kane; but we the fans recognize that this is not the big red machine from the attitude era. We know that Glenn Jacobs is a 50 year old man running for mayor in Knox County. Even if the goal is to have Braun Strowman beat Kane, management couldn’t find better opponents to feed to Kane. We all know that Kane was a “scary monster” back in 90’s/00’s but that time has long past.

Our current Universal Champion is an example of one of my issues with part workers. Brock Lesnar has accomplished everything imaginable since his return in 2012. He is a multi-time champion, he destroyed John Cena in a match, beat the Undertaker’s streak, and beating almost all the top guys clean in the ring. My issue with Lesnar is they booked him so strong that the young generation doesn’t get elevated. Only people they feel confident having matches that last longer than 10 minutes with him is part timers (or Roman Reigns). WWE spends all these years building Brock Lesnar as this unstoppable beast just to lose to Goldberg in a matter of seconds. Goldberg then proceeds to beat Kevin Owens in a matter of seconds and killed his main event push. My question to Vince McMahon is, who was elevated in Goldberg’s return and how does part time workers benefit your current roster? We get see the greatness of wrestlers from the past. Vince McMahon believes that in order to improve business we need to see The Rock just bury the entire roster verbally (though entertaining), we need to see Stone cold punk the current generation (though badass), we need to see mankind and Shawn Michaels beat up the current roster, or see Kane squash talent with absolutely no pay off.

In my opinion, nostalgia will only take you so far and you can use this part time worker as a way to elevate the current roster. There are a lot of TV shows that use nostalgia to generate their audience. For instance, I have been following a show called Stranger Things. This takes place in the 80’s and uses a lot nostalgia references such as Star Wars, ghost buster, and The Terminator. They could have used nostalgia to generate fans but instead they use smart writing, compelling characters, and great stories. Vince McMahon you can use these wresters that we admired in the 80s’ and 90’s but use them for smart storytelling and as cohesive characters to playoff the current roster. WWE has good enough talent to have a steep amount of main event wrestlers. Imagine the same way the company protects Brock Lesnar they protect Braun Strowman, The same way they booked The Undertaker they booked Bray Wyatt. He doesn’t have to be undefeated at WrestleMania but book him strong enough to become a credible monster. We have a large sum of wrestlers who are victims of bad booking. The company will never move forward, if we stay in the 90’s. We haven’t had two full time workers main event WrestleMania since 2011 and that goes to show you the lack of confidence this company has in their current roster.

There were a number of reasons why WWF beat WCW in the Monday night wars. The main reason WWF won, was the company had more fresh young talent. WCW depended on wrestlers from the 80’s to carry the show into the new generation. The new talent in WWF was more exciting than the old timers in WCW. By the time the WCW realized they needed to build new stars; it was too late and the company plummeted into obscurity. WCW had a huge problem in making new stars and WWE is current struggling with the same issue. Giving there were a rival company with new fresh up and coming star WWE would be in a world of trouble.

WWE made a huge star in Braun Strowman. Strowman was one of their best creation in recent memories. They followed his momentum by having him lose to a parter in 8 minutes and get thrown in a dump truck. WWE say they are building for the future but would they feel confident in having guys like AJ Style, Roman Reigns (he’s main evented but he is full time), Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Finn Balor main event a WrestleMania together. The answer is hell no, they going to bust their ass for 300 plus days and have Brock Lesnar, HHH, The Rock, or undertaker main event. WWE believes that those are the stars needed to sale the show. In retrospect we need to see new stars shine and giving the mantel to carry the company. Let’s bring in part time workers in with the attention of elevating the current roster and see what this does for your company’s business.

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